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By: Hugh Jass
  • Title Book: A Book of Bad Jokes Pitiful Puns Woeful Wordplay and Ridiculous Riddles
  • Author : Hugh Jass
  • ISBN 10: 9781533098092
  • ISBN 13: 1533098093
  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 116

Hundreds of jokes congregate in this amazing compilation of some of the greatest bad jokes and puns there are.

Uniting several forms of terrible gag in one ceaseless, relentless volume, A Book of Bad Jokes, Pitiful Puns, Woeful Wordplay and Ridiculous Riddles is intended to be a text every aspiring or current bad joke teller would love in his library. Authored by known pun and bun master Hugh Jass, this manual intends to amuse and educate its readers on the art of inventing truly awful humor. Ample quantities of ideas and an exhaustive demonstration of the form used mean that you can not only cringe, but create your own horrific jokes.

After introducing the book and its uses, Hugh takes us through an enormous combination of terrible one-liners and question and answer jokes. The conclusion of the book meanwhile is framed in riddles both ordinary and poetic in form.

Despite the all-round abysmality of what's shown, the author is keen to point out the utility value of the jokes. The demonstrative use of wordplay is ample, meaning readers can start to pick up and assimilate the technique. So, after absorbing hundreds of silly gags, you may even start to invent your own!

A superb little gift or stocking filler at Christmas, this abysmal compilation is sure to keep you and your loved ones cringing for hours!

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