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By: International Symposium on "Zinc in Soils and Plants" (1993 : University of Western Australia)

The symposium on "Zinc in Soils and Plants" is the third in a series which began with "Copper in Soils and Plants" in Perth in 1981 and continued with "Manganese in Soils and Plants" in Adelaide in 1988. The symP9sium brings together a series of valuable accounts of many aspects of the reactions of zinc in soils, the uptake, transport and utilization of zinc in plants, the diagnosis and correction of zinc deficiency in plants and the role of zinc in animal and human nutrition. I am grateful for the financial support provided by Grains Research and Development Corporation, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Wool Research and Development Corporation, Ansett Australia, and Qantas Australian. I am most appreciative of the willingness of many scientists to act as referees: G S P Ritchie, R J Gilkes, N C Uren, K Tiller, BLeach, H Greenway, N E Longnecker, J F Loneragan, Z Rengel, C A Atkins, J W Gartrell, P J Randall, D G Edwards, R J Hannam, R J Moir, J E Dreosti, N Suttle, C L White, H Marschner, N Wilhelm, M McBride. All provided valuable comments on the manuscripts. Finally, I thank Mrs M Davison who provided excellent secretarial assistance. A.D. Robson September 1993 Chapter 1.

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